Collision Assistance

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Collision Assistance

A car accident can occur even when we are fully aware of our surroundings driving. No one plans to have an accident but when it does occur you can be ready by preparing for it.

The industry for car collision repair is very gloomy and can be surprising if not prepared in advance. You risk the chances of repairing your vehicle at a lower cost but sacrificing the quality and even in some cases being stuck with an unlicensed repair shop. On site tow operators may have the best estimates ready to reel you into their partners shops that ultimately can decrease the value of your vehicle by performing unsafe and cheap repairing products and procedures.

All this can be avoided by calling your trusted professionals ANT Auto Body. It is an obvious assumption that when professionals are involved the price is equivalent, but in our case we make sure it is fair and at no cost do we jeopardize quality. You can contact us 24/7 at 416-609-2503 at anytime from the scene of the car accident and we will ensure that help arrives to adequately resolve the situation at hand. You can rest assure that your vehicle will be towed to our gated property for evaluation where you can make your final decision with our guidance on repairs and insurance procedures if they exist.

Our Promise is Simple. At ANT Auto Body we provide a high standard of workmanship for an affordable price without compromising quality. Call ANT Auto Body today at 416.609.2503 and we would be happy to assist you.